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Shao Wu Yonghe New Refrigerant and Fluorine-containing polymers project commencement ceremony
2018-08-10 55browse Share:
     June 20, 2018 9:30 A.M., Shao Wuyong and new refrigerant and Fluoropolymer project started the groundbreaking ceremony, Shaowu party committee Secretary He Guangsong, NPC director Xiang Rong, CPPCC chairman Cai Zhongming, party committee deputy Secretary was Wang Xiao, deputy mayor Li Minfei, Jin Tang Park Management Committee director Wu Xingsheng and departments directly under related department heads attended the initiation ceremony.

     Shao Wuyong and Jin Tang New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in December 27, 2017, the department of Zhejiang Yonghe Refrigeration Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, Shao Wuyong and new refrigerant and Fluoropolymer project is to be completed in 2019, the completion of the first phase of construction and production, the main responsibility for the development of new materials, manufacturing and sales work. Accompanied by the deafening salute sound, the cornerstone of stable standing on the site, Shaowu party secretary He Guangsong announced the project officially started!

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